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Free download of MiramoPDF Personal Edition & DITA-OT plugin

To start the download process click on the link below:

A no-compromise solution for publishing sophisticated PDFs from XML data

MiramoPDF Personal Edition is a free version (for both personal and commercial use*) of the MiramoPDF XML publishing software.

With its GUI template designer, MiramoDesigner you can design the document layouts you need and define all properties of text and graphic objects. It may be used in conjunction with the MiramoPDF DITA-OT plugin to publish DITA out-of-the-box, or may be integrated with any publishing environment.

The following restrictions apply:

  • It is licensed for educational use and for organisations comprising a maximum of two persons in total for internal documentation; or for evaluation use.
  • It is not licensed for the creation and/or publication of documents for third parties.
  • It is licensed for use only on 64 bit non-server versions of MS Windows on desktops and laptops only, i.e. which are not running on servers (e.g. via virtualization).
  • Input and output is limited to local disks.

For further information email miramo@datazone.com, or follow one of the links below:

MiramoComposer Reference Guide (includes MiramoXML)
MiramoDesigner video intro

For DITA publishers (requires DITA-OT 2.4 or above):
MiramoPDF DITA-OT plugin Getting Started Guide
Upgrading the DITA-OT plugin from an earlier version

For Generic XML publishers:
Satellite Modem Manual example